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In 2011 Slovenian company Mekon, d.o.o. had a good start in the construction of industrial buildings from thin-walled cold-formed profiles, which become more and more popular in Slovenia.

These objects become more popular in the market due to ease and speeding-up of the construction, modern style and affordable prices. Metal structures made of thin-walled profiles are successfully replacing conventional steel construction. They are used in the construction of warehouses and sports facilities, industrial and office buildings.

Mekon also offers schools and residential buildings construction projects, which use a special system of floors. This system has been successfully used in steel structures for solar power plants.

The advantage of using thin-walled cold-formed profiles is pre-corrosion protection through a system of continuous galvanizing of various thickness. For complex objects, galvanized surface can be additionally painted. At the request of investors and architects profiles can be painted in various colors. Efficiency and quality of profiles are provided by the use of high-quality steel S350GD and S390GD.

All structures made of thin-walled sections are collapsible, allowing re-use the same profiles for the construction of other objects.

Mekon also provides investors with a complete package of the technical documentation.